Plastic Product Development Process

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Plastic Product Prototype Making

Plastic Product Mold Design and Development

Plastic Product Mass Production

Procedures of plastic product initial design and development

Step 1 :
Please provide us with your 3D drawing file with specifications such as material, color, functionality, quality standards etc. We would be happy to sign NDA.

Step 2:
We will provide quotations on prototype making (if needed), mold building, mass production product unit cost, and estimated development schedule for your confirmation.

Step 3:
After our engineer team review your designs, we will discuss with you the possible options and problems that we identify. We will suggest advice from different perspectives such as cost and functionality.

Step 4:
With confirmed design, we will provide a mold design report for your confirmation.

Step 5:
After the mold has been built, we will carry out mold trials and send samples for your review. We will discuss the improvement options with you until the product is ready for mass production.

Step 6:
Our engineer team will design the work flow and deliver to our production departments and quality control departments, we will make sure that your product will be manufactured according to your requirements and quality standards.

Step 7:
After mass production is finished, we can arrange in-house inspection by our QC team according to your quality requirements, or you could arrange your personnel to carry out inspection in our factory.

Step 8:
After inspection is passed, we will arrange shipment and deliver your product safely to your destination.