Our facilities

Injection Molding

With our newly launched dust-free injection molding department (with 36 new injection molding machines with robotic arms equipped), we have two injection molding departments in-house.

Injection Molding Machine with robotic arms- 82 sets

  • 60T Injection Molding Machine-5 sets
  • 90T Injection Molding Machine-6 sets
  • 120T Injection Molding Machine-27 sets
  • 160T Injection Molding Machine-25 sets
  • 200T Injection Molding Machine-3 sets
  • 250T Injection Molding Machine-3 sets
  • 320T Injection Molding Machine-2 sets
  • 380T Injection Molding Machine-2 sets
  • 470T Injection Molding Machine-1 set
  • 530T Injection Molding Machine-1 set
  • 700T Injection Molding Machine-1 set
  • 900T Injection Molding Machine-1 set
  • 1600T Injection Molding Machine-4 set

Grinding Mill- 12 sets

Stirring Machine- 7 sets

Grinding Mill with Feeder- 25 sets


Blow Molding Machine- 6 sets

    • 1.8L Blow Molding Machine- 2 sets
    • 2.0L Blow Molding Machine- 1 set
    • 2.5L Blow Molding Machine- 1 set
    • 5.0L Blow Molding Machine- 1 set
    • 10.0L Blow Molding Machine- 1 set

Vertical Injection Molding Machine- 4 sets

Double Molding Machine- 2 sets

  • 160T Double Molding Machine- 2 sets

Rotocast-molding machine- 2 sets


Paint Spraying Position- 68 sets

Automatic Spraying Machine- 29 sets

Free Hand Spraying Machine- 2 sets

Paint Drying Line- 1 line


Heat Transfer Printing Machine- 9 sets

Pad Printing Machine- 68 sets

Automatic Screen Printing Machine- 2 sets

Hot Stamping Machine- 1 set


Sewing Machine- 40 sets

Automatic Needle Detector- 1 set


We have 4 assembling and packaging departments including 3 dust-free clean room to produce products with food grade standard.

Automatic Production Line- 18 lines

 Ultrasonic Machine- 12 sets

Electric Press for Packaging- 4 sets

Heat Shrinkable Film Machine- 1 set  

Triangle Plastic Bag Packing Machine- 1 set

Automatic Box Sealing Machine- 8 sets


Milling Machine- 16 sets

Grinding Machine- 4 sets

Lathe- 2 sets

Drilling Machine- 1 set

EDM Machine- 6 sets

CNC- 8 sets

Wire Cutting Machine- 3 sets

Punching Machine- 1 set

3D printing machine